March 2017

Wednesday 15th

Art of Sacred Geometry, The Flower of Life Revealed : Talk - Glastonbury Town Hall 7pm. For more info click here: website

Monday 20th

Wheel of the Year Festival - Spring Equinox, Chalice Well. Free admission to the gardens from 10am - 12pm. Meditation at the Well Head 12pm - 12.3opm then Conversation Cafe on the Lower Lawn. For more info click here: website

Saturday 25th

The Soulful Journey of Relationships: Workshop at the Goddess House 10am - 4.30pm. Discover your Hero or Heroine's journey to creating Wholeness within your Self. For more info click here: website

April 2017

Saturday 1st

NZINGABETH! Musical Show - Glastonbury Abbey. For more info and tickets click here: website

Thursday 13th

Foot Washing Ceremony: Chalice Well - A ceremony of unconditional giving and openness in receiving, 12pm. For more info click here: website

Friday 14th

Day of Silence: Chalice Well Meeting Room, 11am - Silent Meditation. Connecting with the Divine Eternal Flame that exists within us all. For more info click here: website

Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th

Medieval Fayre: Glastonbury Abbey - Jousting, battles, archery and children's activities. For more info click here: website

Saturday 29th - Sunday 30th

Glastonbury Dragon's Celebrations - May Fayre Weekend: Stalls, Workshops, Dragon Conference, Morris Dancers, Mummers & More..... 2 Rooms left!

May 2017

Monday May 1st

Beltane - 12.30 pm Market Cross, Celebrate Beltane with the May Queen & Summer King! Maypole dancing, Dragon Procession and Music.... 1 Room left

Saturday & Sunday 20th - 21st

Megalithomania - What were the Ancients up to? Join the Ancient Mysteries experts, tickets available here: - Rooms Available